The Magnificent

Real-time battle arena and strategy game that takes you on a fantastic story of war, peace, and conquest.

The Magnificent

Get ready for epic battles! Upgrade your army, train your general, occupy cities, and conquer the world with your alliance! Download now!

The Magnificent (العظماء) is a real-time strategy / battle arena wonder that takes the players into an epic story of war, peace, and conquest, in a real-world set where you move from city to city collecting heroes, and controlling ever step of the battle.

Game features:

  • Beautiful 3D graphics in a fantasy world based on actual real locations
  • Prove your worth in real-time PvP and PvE battles
  • Rank through winning real battles against real players in server ranking matches
  • Become the best player of all in cross-server events and ranking
  • Select from 5 generals starting from Ertegrul!
  • Collect more than 50 unit types and upgrade them
  • Discover secret levels, areas, and play modes!

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